Acerca dos 30 seconds to Mars/ About 30seconds to Mars

Such careless words. How arrogant and ignorant. Such despicable attitude is like the NAZI attitude towards the people of GOD. Because, he who believes in JESUS is also one of GOD's chosen children. You offend our belief, our morality: our sense of righteousness, our law of Justice and Love. You think you can defy the LORD crossing any kind of line? - Well you, - we-, did cross many times the edge of Justice, being sinners... But, ei!, GOD's Love is greater and he offer us true salvation trough JESUS CHRIST- And there's no bigger proof of love than what He made for us, as Father and as Son , on that cross. He offers forgiveness- we, you, just have to take it. However you are free to deny Him, He won't force you to accept goodness for yourself. You are made to be free to love Him or not.
So, you, oh servants of the Illuminati, YOU CAn'T CROSS the line of edge of HIS Love, because it's infinite. You are only denying He's offer.
You are so closed minded- you have filodoxic complexes, prejudices, you are manipulated to not look for intellectual reasoning - and then you project that personality error to us Christians! - When you refuse, at start, any kind of regretting the bad attitudes, sins. You refuse to listen, to ear, to learn... to be wise and fair. And you are only doing evil to yourself and others who follow you pseudo-philosophy, attracted for all things except truth.
I evocate representants of angels, with an archangel leading them, in the Name of JESUS, to punish as fair, the demon(s) that inspired your lyrics. May you feel the pain of your evil in you burning. 
Unless you regret, you will be sodomized  by serpents in Hell, and the horns of the beast shell cross you from the bottom to the skull. And endlessly you will regret... but then it is too late. 

JESUS is merciful. I hope you save yourselfs. +++

"... and you keep yourself unspotted from the world?! what does it mean to be a Christian?"- Glenn Keiser, in Rez, XX Years Live.
"... I am a revolutionary..." - Mortification's song.


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